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Shattuck's interest had been rather more than ordinary. "And Vina Lathrop—was she interested, too? You must have known her." "Yes, I knew her. Vina was interested—of course. But, then, who is not, just now? A few years ago only a few had read Freud. Even after he was translated, still there were only a few. But now—since my play—we have other plays, books, stories, articles—even Freud docto

rs, who before were unknown to the public, have come outside of the medical press with their names and work. Of course Vina Lathrop was interested. All women [183] are interested in Freud. Don't you think it concerns us—just a bit more intimately than it does men?" For the moment Zona had forgotten her haste to get away and was leaning forward earnestly over the empty tea-caddy. "Most assuredly," I agreed, realizing suddenly one reason why Freud is taken up so readily in a circle such as that which I was now tangent to. He offers an easy, scientific highroad to the discussion of intimate sex—and that is,


after all, under the veneer, the middle name of Greenwich Village, as it is of all "highbrows" when one comes to get under their skins and truly understand what secretly is back of their "uplifts" and "reforms" in social evils and hygiene. "But what of Honora?" I asked, loath to lose the piquant assistance of Zona, once I had it. "Why was she here? Had she come to watch Shattuck? Or was it to watch Vina? Or was it really to watch her husband? Her husband or Shattuck—I wonder which?" "Suppos

e it was either?" shrugged Zona, nonchalantly. "What of it?" Evidently the spell of her interest in the Freud discussion had broken when she finished her last sentence. "In the former case she is merely old-fashioned," added Zona, "in the latter merely foolish." With this typical meaningless cleverness that in reality hides the shallowness of our advanced [184] "thinkers" Zona bade us adieu. Belle and I chatted a few moments, when she suddenly discovered she was half an hour late for an engagement. I settled the check, and we tipped our way out and into a cab that whirled us up-town, while Belle poked fu

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